My teaching interests include media processes and effects, media theory, research methods, health communication, emotions and media, and digital communication (including broadcast and digital reporting).

Courses Taught

Penn State University, Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications

  • COMM 118: Introduction to Media Effects
  • COMM 304: Mass Communication Research
  • COMM 413w: Mass Media and the Public
  • COMM 418: Media Effects Theory and Research
  • PSU 9: First Year Seminar 
  • COMM 516: Data Analysis
  • COMM 518: Media Effects
  • COMM 596: Independent Study
  • COMM 597: Special Topics – Health and Media Effects
  • COMM 597: Special Topics – Biometric Approaches to Media Research

Indiana University, The Media School

  • MSCH S315: Media Processes and Effects
  • MSCH S414: Public Communication Campaigns
  • MSCH T540: Special Projects in Telecommunications
  • JOUR J110: Foundations of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • JOUR J200: Introduction to Writing, Reporting, and Editing
  • JOUR J343: Broadcast News
  • JOUR J410: Media as Social Institutions
  • JOUR J804: Readings and Research in Journalism

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Media and Journalism

  • JOMC 221: Audio-Video Information Gathering

Guest Lectures

  • Media science, health communication campaigns, celebrities and health communication, ethics and health communication, ethics and visual communication, research ethics, using linguistic software for content analysis, experimental methods, methods and tools for online experiments, and experiential education.