Memes and Pandemic Stress

As the COVID-19 global pandemic wore on, I noticed more and more memes popping up on social media about the different facets of pandemic life such as working from home, buying toilet paper, and dealing with the stress of this new way of life. After connecting with my fabulous colleagues Robin Nabi and Nick Eng, we mapped out a plan, and wrote a paper about it, published in the journal Psychology of Popular Media in 2021:

Consuming memes during the COVID pandemic: Effects of memes and meme type on COVID-related stress and coping efficacy

The paper received a good deal of popular press attention, which then led me to also write a piece in the The Conversation about our work:

Go ahead, enjoy your memes–they really do help ease pandemic stress

In short, take a break and look at a few memes about whatever is stressing you out. Then, consider getting back to work 🙂

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